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Your Italian Passport is featured this month in Voce Italiana, D.C.'s oldest and most-respected Italian-American newspaper! 


                           A New World Awaits with Your Italian Passport!

Welcome to Your Italian Passport, a U.S.-based company offering comprehensive services for Italian-Americans seeking to obtain Italian dual citizenship! 

Whether you are hoping to determine if you are eligible for Italian citizenship, in need of assistance with collection of your family's vital records, or looking for a company to handle your application from start to finish, Your Italian Passport is here to help!

Get started today and be on your way to living la dolce vita!

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The Benefits of Italian Citizenship 

  • Reside, retire,  and travel freely  within any of the 27 countries of the European Union

  • Work and study throughout the EU without need of a Visa

  • Eliminate much of the bureaucracy associated with purchasing property in Italy 

  • Travel the world with greater safety

  • Receive the benefits of being a citizen of the EU - comprehensive, affordable health care, excellent and affordable university-level  education

  • Pass Italian citizenship to your descendants

  • Have the right to vote for the Italian parliament representative for your electoral district 

Your Italian Passport Client Reviews

"I contacted Your Italian Passport regarding getting my dual citizenship.  We scheduled an hour long interview session for a very reasonable fee (which was later applied to my overall costs). This session easily helped me determine if I was qualified and under what circumstances.  Lauren explained in detail the entire process, what to expect and the estimated duration.  She informed me that I could contact them anytime during the process to discuss any issues or questions I may have.  All this was included in the overall processing fee.  They secured all the documentation required from Italy, Vermont and New York state.  They completed all translations and necessary certifications required by Italy for processing my application and scheduled my Consulate appointment.  Once the time for my appointment approached Lauren schedule a call with me to review all the documentation and minor errors that were present in the records and coached me on the responses I should give to the consulate should they question me on them.  Lauren also had insight to the personalities of the people I would be dealing with at the Consulate.  She is very informed about them not only where I appeared but at several of the consulates around the country.  When it came time I was well prepared and was told by the consulate personnel that my application was one of the most complete and accurate they had ever processed - needless to say SUCCESS.  All my thanks to the team at Your Italian Passport - could not have been so successful without them." -- John V., AZ

"From beginning to end, our experience with the team at Your Italian Passport can be summed up in one word - EXCELLENT!!  Lauren and Carlo's research, knowledge of the application process, and attention to detail, ensured that we had a successful review of our application at the Italian Consulate. If anyone is considering seeking Italian citizenship, I can, without hesitation, highly recommend the services Lauren and Carlo provide.   Bravissimo, Your Italian Passport! " -- Ron Schiavetta - Florida

"From start to a very successful finish, Lauren and Carlo of Your Italian Passport made what could have been an arduous journey so much easier.  I have friends who are still waiting through regular channels for more than two years, and my process was completed in under a year, including the collection, translation, and certification of all the necessary documents. In fact, I have already recommended Your Italian Passport to friends in my Italian club. Lauren and Carlo walk you through the entire process and stay connected through any hiccups or issues. They set up your consulate appointment, which is huge! if you have tried to navigate the Italian Consulate website. And they know which documents you need! I saw other people, who had followed to the letter, the requirements on the consulate website,turned away at the window, for lack of the correct documents!  For anyone who is frustrated with what they have encountered thus far, this is the place for you! And if you are just beginning the process, contact them right away. Their services are amazing and much less expensive than other avenues. I couldn't be happier with my outcome." -- Candice,  Nevada

"I recently completed my Italian citizenship with the help of “Your Italian Passport”. Lauren and Carlo are consummate professionals that were a pleasure to work with.  They simplified the complicated process and brought it to a successful end.  They returned all my calls and emails in a timely manner and were always available and answered all questions thoroughly and promptly.  They were diligent in the retrieval and preparation of all pertinent documents and paperwork.  Their organizational skills are unprecedented.  Without their knowledge and efficiency, I would have never been prepared.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone considering claiming their Italian citizenship through ancestry, hire "Your Italian Passport" for their outstanding knowledge and expertise of the requirements and process."  -- Dr Edward Buonopane

"I was very pleased with the service provided by Your Italian Passport.  They are experienced and very accommodating which made the process a lot easier.  I would highly recommend them for anyone seeking Italian citizenship." -- Sheilah A., Santa Clara, California

"Thank you and Carlo again for all your efforts in assembling my Italian citizenship application, I know uncovering the mystery of my great-grandfather was quite a challenge! Your persistence paid off and I greatly appreciate it. Everything went very smoothly at the consulate and I could not have asked for a better experience. I guess there is a reason 'Your Italian Passport' sorts to the top of Google searches." -- Greg M., Bishop, GA

"Lauren and Carlo were an absolute pleasure to work with. I couldn't be happier with the service they provided. I had been thinking about applying for citizenship for a few years but quickly learned that it is quite involved and requires a lot of time and effort. Do yourself a favor and use Your Italian Passport. They are knowledgeable, thorough and really care about their clients. I've already referred someone to them so that says it all.  Thank you both for making me one proud, newly minted Italian citizen!" -- Rob Fiore, Boston, Massachusetts

"I can't strongly enough recommend the services from Your Italian Passport.  Lauren and Carlo did things to push our applications ahead that either I would not have been able to do, or would have taken so long on my own that it would have been practically impossible.  They know every step of the process, what will be accepted and what will not, and how to navigate the curve balls that will surely be thrown at you during the application process.  In fact, the value of their services was very apparent during our consulate meeting when the Administrator gladly and eagerly accepted our paperwork when she found out that Lauren was the one behind it.  That kind of experience is worth its weight in gold!  The bottom line is that using Your Italian Passport will take the time, risk, complexity and headache out of the process compared to doing it yourself." -- Robert Giacobbe, Georgia

"My most sincere thanks to Lauren and Carlo for your professional yet personal assistance in taking care of matters regarding my Italian citizenship! What I expected to be a long, painful journey turned into an exciting experience in every aspect of the process. After many years and much research, the dreaded thought of all the paperwork and time it would take to complete this prompted me to seek professional assistance. There are many sites to choose from and after looking into all of them I selected Your Italian Passport. Boy did I pick a winner! Lauren was there for me every inch of the way. After sending her some basic family history, she went to work and much sooner than I expected I was in Miami receiving my citizenship. I am so grateful everything you have done for me I can't begin to thank you enough. Molto Grazie Lauren and Carlo." -- Randazzo Filice, Tampa, Florida

"I highly recommend Your Italian Passport for anyone interested in recognizing their Italian citizenship.  Lauren and Carlo know everything about the process and they cut through all the bureaucratic red tape and really help in every step.  Lauren and Carlo were always responsive to questions and professional . When I went for my appointment in the consulate, I was actually complimented on the thoroughness and organization of my application.  I do not see how  I could have done this without such an amazing team helping me. "-- Adele K., Boston, MA

"I started collecting the paperwork to document and apply for dual citizenship 7 years before finding Lauren & Carlo.  I had all but given up.  They gave us hope and were able to collect the remaining documentation.  My siblings joined the adventure.  When we arrived at the Italian embassy, the agent was very impressed with the organized collection of ALL paperwork and was helpful and friendly with the remaining process.  Thank you, Lauren & Carlo & co!!" -- Joe S., McPherson, KS

"I am so happy to have found Your Italian Passport. Without Lauren and Carlo, I would not have been able to get everything I needed. They were always ready to answer all my questions and they were quick in responding to emails. I would easily recommend them to anyone looking to apply for Italian citizenship. My consulate appointment was quick and painless thanks to their hard work." -- Brianne B., Tucson, AZ 

"Go no further for your Italian Citizenship needs!  I am just so pleased with the service provided by Lauren and Carlo.  They were professional, responsive, and an absolute pleasure to do business with.  I am so thankful they were able to join me at my appointment at the Italian Consulate to help me explain some name issues in my application.  I highly recommend them to anyone taking on the task of Dual Citizenship with Italy."-- Felicia F., Chapin, SC

"Your Italian Passport started this process for me in March 2014, and less than 9 months later I received my Italian Citizenship.   The officer that interviewed me at the Italian Consulate in San Francisco told me that my application and documentation were perfect......she wished every submission was like mine.  Thank you Lauren and Carlo." -- Dennis      Simontacchi, Lakeview, OR

I want to thank you [and Carlo] for providing such a great service.  Your assistance was invaluable and I am sure that I would not have been able to navigate the entire [Italian citizenship] process without your help. -- Greg P., Afton, MN

"Thank you [Lauren and Carlo] so much for all of your help, guidance, and expertise.  You took what seemed like a        daunting project and helped break it down into easily accomplished tasks — ultimately culminating into a painless     Consulate visit!"  -- David V., Los Angeles, CA

"Many members of my family knew the provinces in which my maternal grandfather and grandmother were born, but no one knew the exact comunes. In fact, when I visited Italy some years ago and spoke with my second cousins, they, too, were mistaken about the exact beginnings of my grandfather. Then I discovered Your Italian Passport. Lauren and   Carlo went the extra mile - or should I say kilometer? – and never quit until they found both of my grandparents’ original Italian birth certificates for me. How cool is that?! Now, I can proceed toward my ultimate goal of obtaining     dual Italian citizenship.  Grazie, Lauren and Carlo!" -- John M., St. Paul, MN

"The team at Your Italian Passport are extremely knowledgeable about the requirements to obtain dual citizenship status. They're quick  to understand what each client needs and how to get it in a timely manner.  My entire extended family has been pleased with their service.  I recommend the agency to anyone who needs assistance in their areas of expertise.  With much thanks.." -- Geraldine M., Littleton, CO

"I found [Lauren and Carlo's] service to be very exact and helpful in my citizenship application. Without [their] assistance in double and triple checking the needed documents coupled with obtaining documents, our application probably wouldn't have been approved." -- Eric. S., Saint Regis, MT

"Your Italian Passport was very helpful and quick in finding my great-grandparents' naturalization documents from Ellis Island." -- Laura B., Denver, CO

"Without the help of Lauren and Carlo at Your Italian Passport, I am certain that acquiring my Italian citizenship would     still be only a dream instead of a dream come true.  I began this quest over two years ago, and frankly gave up in frustration and confusion several times along the way.  Then I had the great luck of finding Your Italian Passport and turning the whole project over to Lauren and Carlo.  They expertly organized the chaos, acquiring the necessary Italian documents, naturalization papers, apostilles, and translations.  They accompanied me on my visit to the Italian consulate and handled the issues regarding the slight name changes that the interviewer wanted to discuss.  I was so grateful they were there with me every step of the way.  Grazie mille, Lauren and Carlo!" -- Paula Molinari, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Your Italian Passport is a subsidiary of The Italian Dream, LLC.  Copyright 2013. 

Please note that review of applications and the granting of  Italian citizenship is solely governed by the Italian Consulate for the jurisdiction in which the applicant resides.